About X-TRA Corporation

X-TRA Company was founded in 2006 and specializes in the design, production and assembly of cabling and connectivity solutions, wiring and electro mechanical projects in a full turnkey method.

The varied line of products and the ability to adjust the product lines to every demand, positions X-TRA as a leading manufacturer for the telecom industry and strategic supplier for many customers. X-TRA is based on a group of professional employees, situated in the  Hi-Tech area of Rosh Haayin in Israel.

Large warehouseX-TRA management team combines deep business and technical expertise as well as proven track record of delivering solutions for the military, medical and communication industries.


X-TRA is committed to providing the highest quality of products and services to our customers by consistently meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations for product quality and performance, by timely delivery of products and services to meet our customer’s requirements and by continuous improvement of our products and processes.
The company’s production system is supported by professional quality control processes that consist of incoming inspection, in line spot checks, electrical tests and final reviews, designated to assure zero failures and 100% client satisfaction.

X-TRA’s vast experience and the unique connection with global suppliers have allowed the company to provide “one stop shop” services. The company provides full turnkey services, from purchasing to assembly and shipments including all intermediate stages, all done with special attention to customer requirements and follow the company quality standards.

Indoor warehouseX-TRA is known for its’ ability to respond quickly and professionally to every customer demand, while adapting the production lines to every change and developing  processes that will meet each and every customer requirements. The company is able to simultaneously produce products based on full Turnkey method and those based on client material.
X-TRA’s production system, works simultaneously on the production of dozens of orders, big and small, up to tens of thousands of units.

X-TRA’s high standards have brought the company a distinguished clientele based on major Hi-Tech companies such as Vodaphone, Bellsouth etc., Partner, IDF and others .  X-tra also resells previous generations of unused equipment, reducing the price and offering attractive service terms.

X-tra company aims to be your supplier, to get you the equipment you need at the time you need it, shipping it to every location around the globe .