X-TRA is your complete resource for all your high-performance, standard and custom RF and microwave, coaxial connector and cable assembly needs.
At X-TRA, we’re rethinking every angle of RF and microwave, coaxial-connector and cable assembly design and manufacturing. In the process of improving performance and reducing costs, old standards are being reinvented from the inside out and new innovations are helping you reach increasingly higher frequencies.

With our design center, corporate offices, and lead-manufacturing operation. Every day we build upon our experience supporting some of the biggest Telecom, defense and commercial operators and contractors. In addition to rethinking every angle of connector design and engineering, our facilities are constantly being updated. They include the most modern machining equipment, as well as custom robots for our unique, automated-assembly needs.¬†Legacy or cutting-edge, you’ll find what you need.

Our rapidly developing library of new coaxial connectors and reengineered standards are ready to support your latest challenges. At the same time, X-TRA can support all your legacy RF and microwave Connector requirements. If you have a print with a coaxial connector on it, odds are we’ve manufactured it or we’re the original supplier. Our entire library is all online for reference, and designing to your unique, custom-connector requirements is our specialty.

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