XTRA operates a large OPGW manufacturing base. With around 36,000 km of annual output and quick delivery time.


For power communication, XTRA provides OPGW, OPPC and ADSS. We can supply not only all kinds of power communication cables but also raw materials of the cables, such as stainless steel tubes, Al-covered stainless steel tube, and so on.

We adopt advanced technical control plans to meet special requirements of our customers and ensure the diversity of our products.

We have advanced inspection bases and testing facilities with international standards to ensure the quality of our products.

We have advanced after-sales service systems to ensure your requirements and feedbacks could be solved in time.

The research and application of OPGW, OPPC and other special power optic cables are in a leading position in the world. It offers a large cross-section, big cores, large capacity, long span, ice resistance, sand, lightning resistance and ultra high voltage.

OPGW is mainly divided into Central Tube OPGW, Stranded Stainless Steel Tube OPGW, Central Al-covered Stainless Steel Tube OPGW, Aluminum Tube OPGW, Lightning Resistant Central Stainless Steel Tube OPGW with Compressed Wires and OPPC.

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