RF Cables and Accessories

High Performance RF and Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies
606X-TRA is your one-stop solution for all your high-performance RF and microwave coaxial cable assembly requirements . X-TRA has become a leading assembly house for the highest quality coaxial cable assemblies. Whether it’s for a high power, high frequency, low loss or low PIM application, X-TRA has the experience to assist in configuring the proper interconnect for your needs. Whether you need flexible, hand-formable (or conformable), semi-rigid, or armored cables or cable assemblies for your Must , cabinet, jumper, long-haul or test application, X-TRA has the know-how and resources to get the job done right. We’re also presenting HITACHI Cable and assemblies. And quick delivery is our promise.
Save time, save money, and save headaches with a professionally engineered and manufactured RF or microwave, coaxial cable assembly from X-TRA


613Test Capability:
• VSWR (Return Loss)
• Vector Network Analyzer Test Capability to 40 GHz
• PIM (Passive Intermodulation)
• Phase
• Time Domain
• HiPot/Continuity


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